Water Festival

Every fall, over 500 fourth grade students from area elementary schools attend the annual Water Festival held at the Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park. This event is coordinated locally by the Pretreatment section of the Utilities Department.

The Pretreatment staff works with the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, who coordinate the water festivals throughout the state. The U of A and Utilities Department host a workshop for the teachers from the schools attending the water festival. The teachers learn how to teach water concepts. During the festival, students participate in four interactive science-focused investigations of watersheds, ground water, the water cycle, and ways to conserve water. These topics are correlated to state standards.

In Yuma, the City of Yuma Utilities Department coordinates the Water Festival with the support from Yuma Elementary School District 1, Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, Carollo Engineering, NAU- Yuma, Yuma County Cooperative Extension, and Rubicon Water.


 To find out more about the water festival, visit this site:  http://cvp.telvue.com/player?id=T03135&video=219559