Sodium and the City of Yuma Water

The City of Yuma drinking water contains about 120 milligrams/liter of sodium. A milligram (mg) per liter (L) is the same as one part in a million parts. If you consume the recommended two liters of water per day, you will consume 10% of the recommended daily allowance of sodium (2400 mg) according to the FDA.

If sodium concerns you, consult the food label. A food source can be labeled “very low sodium” if it contains 40 mg or less per serving. The following are a few examples of sodium quantities per serving in common foods:

Sodium Quantities Of Common Foods

Canned Green Beans
400 mg per 1/4 can

Grape Nuts Cereal
170 mg per 1/4 cup

Grape Nuts Cereal  with ½ cup skim milk
230 mg 

Spaghetti Sauce (Progresso with meat)
660 mg per 1/2cup

Mayonnaise (reduced fat)
105 mg per 1 tbsp.

Diet Coke
40 mg per 12 oz.

City Water
40 mg per 12 oz.

A cost comparison will show that the above items range in cost per serving from 5 to 50 cents.  A vending machine soft drink will most likely cost you 50 cents.  A gallon of City water costs less than a penny.  City Water - low sodium and a great buy