Pretreatment Program

The Pretreatment Program regulates commercial and industrial contributors to the City of Yuma wastewater system through the issuance of discharge permits and/or Best Management Practices specific to that contributor's processes.

 The objectives of the Pretreatment Program are as follows:

  • To protect both the general public, and the City of Yuma personnel who may be affected by wastewater, biosolids, and effluent.
  • Protect the City of Yuma's wastewater facilities from harm caused by industrial and commercial discharges.
  • Protect the environment by preventing the introduction of pollutants into the City of Yuma wastewater system, which will interfere with the operation of the system or contaminate the wastewater and biosolids.
  • To ensure that the City of Yuma complies with its AZPDES Permit conditions, biosolids disposal requirements, and any other Federal or State laws to which the City wastewater system is subject.

Does My Facility Need A Discharge Permit?

The City of Yuma Pretreatment Program uses the following criteria to determine if your facility will need a discharge permit.

  • If your facility is subject to any Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standard.
  • If you are an Industrial User that:
    • Discharges 25,000 gallons or more per average work day (includes sanitary, non-contact cooling, and boiler blow down wastewaters)
    • Contributes a process wastewater that makes up five percent or more of the hydraulic capacity of any of the treatment plants.
    • It is so designated by the Department Director upon a finding that the facility has a reasonable potential for adversely affecting the City of Yuma's treatment/collection operations or violating any pretreatment standard or requirement.
  • If you discharge any substances defined in the City's Utility Regulations Article IV Pretreatment regulations section 4.3.1 - 4.3.5.
  • If you have a discharge that is either domestic in nature, or have no discharge at all, but have significant quantities of pollutants that, if discharged, would be regulated.

Contact the City of Yuma Pretreatment Section @ (928) 373-4502 for further questions regarding Discharge Permits.