Cross Connection Control

In order to protect the City's water distribution system, the City of Yuma's Cross Connection Control Section oversees the installation, testing and maintenance of the approximately 3,800 backflow prevention assemblies currently installed in the City of Yuma.

Although it is the customer's responsibility to maintain backflow prevention assemblies, the City of Yuma's Cross Connection Control Section staff works closely with contractors to assure that proper backflow prevention assemblies are installed and are tested annually.

The Arizona Administration Code Title 18 Chapter 5 requires water users at locations where backflow prevention devices are installed to maintain their assemblies. The annual testing must be performed by a backflow device tester that is certified by the State of Arizona and registered with the City of Yuma. Therefore, you may only use a tester that is on the approved list of state certified installers & testers.

If you have any questions regarding Back Flow Prevention please feel free to contact a Cross Connection Control Specialist at 928-373-4542.