Wastewater Collection Section

The Wastewater Collection System Section is responsible for assuring the wastewater collection system is properly maintained and free flowing twenty-four hours a day. This system (wastewater collection infrastructure) consists of over 350 miles of sanitary sewer collection lines and force mains with over 6,000 sanitary sewer manholes.


All collection system technicians are qualified and certified operators as required by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.  These technicians must complete continuous educational and safety trainings to maintain their certifications and enhance their professional development.

The wastewater collection system lines range from 6 inches to 36 inches in diameter. This section is responsible for cleaning and inspecting (via Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) the wastewater collection lines, and inspects all sanitary sewer manholes. They also annually inspect (CCTV) some 225 miles of storm water lines. Blue stake requests are completed in a timely manner and this section also assists the transmission/distribution section with emergency water leaks. Customer complaints of stoppages, odors and vermin are also resolved promptly.

For More Information

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