Utility Rates Services

Utility Rates Services provides information necessary to obtain water utility rates and utility connection permits for residential or commercial projects. Our goal is to provide customers with reliable, accurate and timely water and sewer information.

Residential Properties

For a residential property, the process begins by contacting our staff who are conveniently located at City Hall, One City Plaza on the second floor, or by calling (928) 373-5000 ext. 3046. Staff will request information such as property owners name, street address, subdivision, parcel number and other data which will help us better understand the project. After research of the requested information, staff will be able to provide the customer with data concerning water/sewer availability, location, costs for service, costs for domestic and irrigation meters, charges for water usage, charges for water discharge, and required utility permits.

Commercial Properties

For a commercial property, the process may begin at a Pre-Development Meeting where Utility staff is present to answer and provide information concerning your project. Upon submittal of plans, the Utility Rates staff will review and comment on any proposed use of the City of Yuma water and sewer utilities. As part of the review process, staff will comment on the availability of City utilities, corrections required to meet utility specifications, and request a Utilities Management Evaluation Form (UME) if applicable. The UME and Landscaping Water Use Calculations forms are required submissions, and are used to determine types, sources, and quantities of water usages and water discharges applicable to the project. Upon completion of the project reviews, an estimate will be prepared for water and sewer connection charges.

The Utilities Management Evaluation and Landscaping Water Use Calculations Forms are to be completed by all commercial and industrial developments and triplex or larger multi-unit residential developments.

Connection Charge Information

For connection charge information, please call (928) 373-5000 ext. 3046.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the City of Yuma Utilities Department at (928) 373-4500.