155 W. 14th Street
Yuma, Arizona 85364
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm 
Closed City designated holidays
Contact Information 
Phone: (928) 373-4504

Traffic Maintenance 

PublicWorksManagers-8Martin Agundez
Public Works Manager
Traffic Maintenance

Traffic Signals

We manage the maintenance of traffic signals within the City limits. The traffic signal staff core funtions are repair and maintenance to provide orderly movement of traffic. To include pedestrain push buttons, traffic loops, and illuminated street name signs, as well as inspecting the work of contractors constructing new City signals.


The Traffic Maintenance Department maintains streetlights, but not all streetlights in Yuma are maintained by the City of Yuma.

To report outages or for more information, contact us at (928) 373-4502.


The Traffic Maintenance Department fabricates, installs, repairs and maintains the traffic control and street name signs in Yuma. The destruction or theft of traffic signs is a tremendous safety hazard. Some signs are essential for public safety and are handled as emergencies and replaced within 24 hours. These would include Stop, Yield, Do-Not-Enter, One Way, Detour, many Warning signs and School signs.


The Traffic Maintenance Department is responsible for installing and maintaining traffic pavement markings in the City of Yuma. An example is the yellow lines that separate traffic that flows in opposite directions.  The City paints hundreds of miles of lines per year along with crosswalks, stop bars, symbols and curbs.