Recycling FAQs

Why Should I Recycle?

Recycling helps sustain our planet’s natural resources, reduce pollution, and save energy. Additionally, the City saves money in its Solid Waste Fund by depositing less into landfills, keeping the solid waste fee in Yuma as low as possible.

How Can I Keep My Garbage From Attracting Flies?

Bag and tie "wet" garbage, like food scraps and pet droppings in the plastic bags closed securely with a twist or rubber band. When garbage is bagged and tied, other Arizona cities that collect garbage weekly have found that there is little or no odor or accumulation of flies.

How Can I Start A Recycling Program In My Work Place Or Community?

In order to start your own recycling program you must first contact your hauler or trash service provider. The two main commercial servicers are C&D Disposal and Republic Services. You would then need to get in contact with the building’s Head Facility Maintenance Manager for recycling bins and pick up scheduling.

How Can I Prevent Someone From Taking Recyclables From My Container?

Place your blue recycling container out the morning of your designated pickup and put the container away when you return home. The City of Yuma has a City Code that prohibits the removal or pilfering refuse or waste from any container. This City Code is enforced by the City of Yuma Police Department. If you see someone pilfering through refuse in a blue recycling container you can call the YPD non-emergency number at (928) 783-4421.

Why Can't I Recycle Everything?

This is by far the most asked question. The shortest answer is that not everything has a market. Remember  recycling is business driven by the economics of supply and demand - just like any other business. There needs to be a demand by consumers so manufacturers will have motivation to purchase recyclables. In order for anything to be recycled, it must have a market to be sold too. Be a part of the solution. Buy Recycled!

Is Recycling Mandatory?

The City does not require participation in the curbside recycling program, but does encourage recycling to help reduce pollution, extend the life of our landfill and conserve natural resources.