Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Etching

VIN etching is the process of permanently etching your vehicle identification number (VIN) on each piece of window glass on the vehicle. VIN Etching is used as a visual deterrent against auto theft.

How Does It Work?

When a vehicle is stolen a thief must change the VIN plate located in the dash of the vehicle. With that done and a new one in place, the thief is now has a vehicle that does not have an identity linking it to being stolen. With VIN Etching the thief must change all the windows in the vehicle in order to get rid of the identity of the stolen vehicle. This can be very costly and will cut into their profit margin if they try to sell it. Thieves are not in their business to spend money.

VIN Etching does not damage your vehicle in any way. It merely leaves an etching on the lower right corner of the glass in each window. It does not make the window weaker and it is still fully functional. The marking measures approximately 2 inches wide by ¼” in height. It leaves a slightly white color to the numbers making it visible within a few feet of your vehicle.

This process takes approximately 10-15 minutes per vehicle. You must show proof of vehicle ownership, current registration and sign a consent form provided by our agency. This is not offered all year long and is done at scheduled events throughout the City of Yuma. Best of all it is FREE!