Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit consists of Civilian Investigators and Motor Officers.Traffic truck

The primary focus of the Civilian Investigators is to investigate vehicle collisions. These Civilian Investigators possess varying skill levels of vehicle collision investigation ranging from Advanced Investigator to Reconstructionist. They investigate all vehicle collisions from minor fender benders to fatalities. They also enforce parking regulations, assist with traffic control for major events, give instruction on safe driving to community groups, and provide Child Car Seat inspections.

The Motor Officers' primary responsibilities revolve around traffic laws, both enforcement and education. They also respond to calls for service and citizen traffic complaints. Motor Officers may assist in Collision Investigations when needed, enforce DUI laws and investigate the criminal violations of all serious or fatal collisions. Motor Officers are involved in DUI enforcement details and special traffic enforcement details as needed. Additionally, Motor Officers provide community instruction on traffic laws/safety, and they provide traffic control during local parades and other special events.