Professional Standards Unit

The Yuma Police Department recognizes that the relationship which exists between a Police Department and the community it polices is a unique and delicate balance of trust and respect.

In order for a Police Department to maintain a satisfactory relationship and to effectively police the community it serves, it must maintain a high degree of integrity and credibility, and it must be willing to establish high professional standards and be willing to inspect itself to ensure that those standards are being met.

Therefore, the Yuma Police Department has a dedicated Unit that ensures that the standards set for its employees are being met.

Professional Standards Unit Contact Information

               Professional Standards Unit Manager Daniel Simpson

               Phone: (928) 373-4699                            

                Sergeant Carlos Buitrago

                Phone : (928) 373-4773


The City of Yuma Police Department responds to a large number of calls for service for its community. It is at times impossible to recognize individual employees for their hard work.

The City of Yuma Police Department has developed a simple way to recognize employees that are doing an outstanding job or even have made an extra effort to serve their community.

We value the opinions of the citizens in our community and with the help of our citizens we can recognize or commend those acts that at times go unnoticed.

If you would like to commend a Police employee for their actions, you can do so by completing our Citizen commendation/recognition form (Formulario de Recomendación/Reconocimiento Ciudadano) and submitting it by:


Citizens have a right to voice concerns about their Police Department and have their concerns addressed by submitting a complaint. The Yuma Police Department is committed to addressing all citizen concerns, and investigates all allegations of employee conduct that constitute a violation of police or law.

Internal Investigations provide a formal process to identify, document, and correct employee misconduct and/or deficiencies in the Department's policies and procedures.

Guide to Complaint Process

  • Complaint is defined.
    • Any alleged act or omission by personnel which is contrary to written rules, regulations, procedures, directive, or orders of the Department or the City of Yuma Personnel rules and Administrative Regulations.
    • Any alleged act or omission, which if substantiated, would constitute a violation of law.
    • Any allegation against employees of the Department which indicates an actual or potential defect in Departmental rules, regulations, procedures, directives, orders or the police service delivery system.
  • Who can make a complaint?
    • Any person who witnesses or has direct knowledge of police misconduct, regardless of their involvement if any in the incident.
  • When should a complaint be made?
    • If you witness or learn of police misconduct. This misconduct may relate to excessive use of force, unethical conduct, discourteous or abusive actions, or a violation of a city, state or federal law.
  • Responsibility of a complainant.
    • The Yuma Police department strives to maintain the highest standard of professionalism for officers and employees. Therefore, all allegations of impropriety against its personnel are taken seriously and investigated. For this reason, the complainant must ensure that their complaint is based on fact.
    • False allegations can result in criminal charges or civil suit against the complainant.
    • It is unlawful for a person to knowingly make to a law enforcement agency, a false, fraudulent, or unfounded report or statement, per Arizona Revised Statute, Section 13-2907.01A
  • How to file a complaint:
  • What is the complaint procedure?
    • Once a complaint has been received by the Professional Standards Unit assigned to be reviewed and investigated.
    • The investigating supervisor reviews the facts and circumstances of the incident by interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence.
    • When completed, the supervisor reports the incident and submits the findings through the chain of command within the appropriate bureau to determine the final outcome, including disciplinary action if necessary.
  • After the investigation is completed:
    • The final outcome of the investigation will fall into one of the following categories:
    • Exonerated - the incident occurred, but the actions of the employee were lawful and proper.
    • Unfounded - Sufficient evidence exists to prove the allegations are false.
    • Not Sustained - There is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.
    • Sustained - The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence to justify a reasonable conclusion of guilt.
  • Notification of completion of the complaint:
    • Upon notification by the investigating supervisor, the Administrative Specialist to the Chief of Police will notify, in writing, the complainant that the Department has concluded its investigation of their compliant in a form of a letter addressed and mailed to the complainant.

For More Information

Contact the Professional Standards Unit

Please provide detailed information for your complaint or commendation.