K-9 Unit

  • Grumphy
    Grumphy is one of our veteran dogs. Grumphy is very much a family dog on his days off and his favorite toy is a red Kong ball.
  • Troy
    Troy is our oldest member and partnered with the K-9 unit Sergeant. His favorite thing to do is crawl up and into the back yard hammock where he sleeps all afternoon!
  • Raico
    Raico is the newest edition to the team and was purchased with donations from the Yuma community. His handler is the first female handler. Raico's favorite toy is a black Kong ball!
  • Mitch
    Mitch is no nonsense with a don't mess with me and I wont mess with you type of attitude. When he is not at work, his favorite thing to do is chase down lizards in his backyard!
  • Barry
    Barry has the distinction of being the largest four legged member of the K-9 team. His favorite thing is getting attention from anyone who will pet him!

The Yuma Police Department's K9 Unit consists of 4 Belgian Malinois and 1 Dutch Shepherd. The primary role of these dogs is that of a "locating tool" and are trained to accomplish various tasks such as; Narcotic Detection, Building/Area Searches, Article/Evidence Searches, Trailing/Tracking and because of a canines unique capabilities can be used to assist Yuma area law enforcement in the apprehension of serious offenders in flight or those resisting arrest.

All canine teams start with a minimum of 320 hours of formal training, followed by achievement of national certification (National Police Canine Association) before being allowed to work the streets. In addition to being certified with NPCA, our police service dog teams have an additional certification with NNDDA (National Narcotic Detection Dog Association) and are members of ALECA (Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association). Our first four dogs were purchased by funding provided by the Yuma County RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) funds. RICO funds are generated by law enforcement activities resulting in asset forfeiture proceedings. Once forfeited, proceeds are deposited into the Yuma County Rico fund and are expended in accordance with state and federal law guidelines. Our last canine, the Dutch Shepherd, was purchased with funds donated by the citizens of Yuma during a fund raising campaign headed by one of our K9 handlers and Fraternal Order of Police Yuma Lodge #24. All of our current canines were purchased from Adlerhorst International Incorporated for $9,600.00 not including tax and all were imported from Holland.

Contact Information                                                               

Lt. Brian Scanlan, Commander (928) 373-4767

Sgt. Morgan Patterson, Supervisor (928) 373-4685