Evidence/Identification Unit

Identification Unit

The Identification Unit consists of the Crime Scene Unit, the Latent Print Unit and the Video Forensics Unit. The Crime Scene Unit responds to major crimes and gathers photographic, biological and physical evidence. Evidence is then processed in house to develop latent prints and prepare items for submission to the State Crime Lab. Fingerprints are compared by our own latent print examiners, or submitted to AZAFIS, a statewide latent print database. Surveillance video is gathered from various sources, processed, enhanced and released to local media to assist in identification of suspects. All these services aid the Investigations Division in presenting a case to the County Attorney. Although sometimes depicted in TV dramas as taking a short period of time, the actual evidentiary process from gathering, to processing, to analysis actually takes months, sometimes longer.

Evidence Room

The Evidence Room is tasked with the custody and control of hundreds of thousands of items of evidence, which are stored pending charges and trial. The Evidence Room maintains a large, secure, climate controlled warehouse, two large, walk in freezers, a large, walk in refrigerator and a vehicle impound lot, all of which keep evidence in courtroom ready condition for presentation at trial. Each item is packaged separately and sealed to maintain integrity. Much of this evidence, especially in homicides and major sex crimes, must be kept by statute, for a minimum of 55 years. Homicide evidence is kept for 99 years. The movement and chain of custody of this evidence is controlled by signature. YPD is currently in the process of implementing a bar coding system that will streamline and enhance this process.

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