Report Animals that are Disturbing the Peace

The City of Yuma, Ordinance §130-005 and §130-051 covers noise complaints associated with the keeping of animals in the City Limits.

Barking dogs and other loud or bothersome animals bring frequent complaints to the City of Yuma Animal Control Services Unit, particularly in moderate weather when windows are open. Not only is it extremely inconsiderate to allow dogs to bark excessively or continuously, it is also against the law. Owners of barking dogs may be in violation of the City of Yuma's noise ordinance.

There are a few alternatives to address this problem. Since the reporting of an animal making excessive noise can strain relationships with neighbors, the City of Yuma Animal Control Services Unit takes a 4-step approach in dealing with the issue.

The 1st step is to leave a door hanger on the door of the animal owner. There are times when the animals make noise when the owner is away, and the owner may be unaware of the problem. The hanger informs the owner of the problem and gives them a chance to take corrective action. The hanger also has helpful hints on how to eliminate the noise disturbance.

If that is unsuccessful, An Animal Control Officer will attempt to make contact at the residence to discuss the issues and convey the importance of coming into compliance with the City of Yuma Ordinance.

The 3rd step is to provide the reporting party with a log to track the excessive noise. An attempt is made to contact the owner and advise him/her of the possibility of the case being sent to the City Prosecutor for prosecution.

The last step is for the Animal Control Officer to gather as much information as can be obtained and send the case to the City Prosecutor for review of charges for violation of the Ordinances.

To report a barking dog or other animals creating excessive noise, call the City of Yuma Animal Control Services Unit at (928) 373-4795 Option 2.

Urban Farm and Keeping Chickens

City of Yuma Ordinances allows you keep chickens under certain restrictions. (See City Ordinances § 130-070-130-076 “Keeping Poultry and Rodents”). Male poultry is only allowed if it is incapable of making vocal noises. There is an exception for those animals that are being used for a 4H project.