Reporting Animal Abuse and Cruelty

The City of Yuma encourages citizens who own pets to be familiar with proper care instructions for their animals.

In general owners or keepers of pets are required to provide their pets with the following amenities:

  • Adequate food and water
  • Adequate shelter
  • Adequate space in the primary enclosure based on the particular type of animal, age of animal, size of animal, and weight of animal
  • Veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering, assure humane care or administer treatment

In addition, always seek the advice and follow the instructions of your veterinarian and local pet center.

For more information regarding animal care, contact the Humane Society of Yuma at (928) 782-1621.

Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S. 2910) makes It illegal to beat or needlessly kill an animal, or to treat an animal in an inhumane manner. Such abuses are punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

The law also requires that animals left outside be provided adequate food, water and shelter.

Medical treatment is also required when necessary so that animals do not suffer.

To report instances of abuse or cruelty, contact the City of Yuma Animal Control Services Unit at (928) 373-4795 Option 2.