Pet Licenses

Licensing your pet supports the City of Yuma Animal Care program and helps to create a safe and healthy community for people and animals.

Did You Know?

  • Licensed lost pets are more likely to be returned to their homes than unlicensed pets.
  • Licensed pets are not charged an impound fee if they can be returned to their owner before being brought to the shelter.

Your License Pays For:

  • Bite, animal cruelty and dangerous animal investigations and enforcement.
  • Efforts to find homes for stray and abandoned animals.
  • Enforcement of laws to ensure a safe community for people and pets.

It's The Law!

City of Yuma Ordinance Chapter 130-020 requires the licensing of all owned dogs and cats 3 months of age and older that live within the City limits.

All dogs and cats over three months of age in the City of Yuma are required wear collars with the license tag attached. Cats that are licensed and microchipped are not required to wear the collar and license. if you choose to microchip your cat, the microchip number must be registered with The Humane Society of Yuma, the City licensing agent.

Your dog required to wear his or her license at all times while outside of the residence. This will make it much easier to identify and return your lost pet.

Failure to comply with ordinance 130-020 may result in a fine and/or a court appearance.

Licensing Is Easier Than Ever!

What Do I Need?

In order to apply for a new pet license or renew an expired license, you'll need to gather the following information about your pet:

  • A completed City of Yuma Pet License Application (PDF) or renewal notice. (You may also fill this out online at
  • A copy (not the original) of your pet's current rabies vaccination certificate.
  • A copy (not the original) of your pet's spay/neuter certificate if you would like to take advantage of the discounted rate for sterilized pets.

How Do I License?

The City of Yuma now offers residents many ways to license their pet or pets:

  • License Online
    License your pet at The Humane Society of Yuma at
  • License in Person
    Bring your pet's information along with payment to City Hall during our normal business hours. City Hall is located at One City Plaza, Yuma, AZ. (Please Remember: Pets are not allowed in City Hall.)


    You may license at the Humane Society of Yuma, 4050 S. Avenue 4 &1/2E. You can call the Humane Society of Yuma at (928) 782-1621 for hours of operation.

License Fees

  One (1) Year Two (2) Year Three (3) Year  
Sterilized Pet $13.00 $24.00 $35.00  
Unsterilized Pet $30.00 $60.00 $90.00  
Service Animal No Charge No Charge No Charge  


Animal licenses are good for the full calendar year unless the anti-rabies vaccination expires earlier. For example, if you purchased a one year license on August 8, 2014 and the anti-rabies vaccination expires on June 15th, 2015, the license will be good until June 15th, 2015.  Once the anti-vaccination is updated, the license will automatically extend until August 7th, 2015.  Replacement tags are $5.00 each. Late Fees:

Less than 1 year:                  More than 1 year :               More than 2 years:           

        $2.00                                         $12 .00                                     $22.00

Frequently Asked Questions

My Pet is deceased. How do I report it?

If your pet is deceased and was licensed with the City of Yuma, please let us know by sending your name, address and pet's name by email or by phone (928) 373-4795


Can I bring my pet into City Hall and have your agent check to verify that it has been altered?

No. Written documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating that the alteration has taken place is all that is required to certify that your pet has been spayed or neutered. Also, please remember that pets are not allowed in City Hall.


My pet is too old to be altered. Can I get a license at the altered rate?

Yes. Written documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating that the pet is too old to reproduce is required.


My dog or cat is a service animal, do I need a license?

Yes, If your animals meets the guidelines of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) as a service animal, you may receive a waiver of the fee. At this time, only dogs and miniature horses can be classified as a service animal under the guidelines of the ADA.


My pet has lost his or her current license, can I get a replacement?

Yes. Replacement tags are available for $5


If my animal has been picked up, where can I find it?

Call the Yuma Police Department Animal Control at (928) 373-4795 option 2.  An animal that is micro-chipped or licensed may be kept temporarily at the Yuma Animal Control facility while an attempt is made to contact the owner.  If the animal is not being held temporarily by Yuma Animal Control, it may be at Humane Society of Yuma. The Humane Society of Yuma will not give out information over the phone concerning animals in their possession.


Is a dog house adequate for shelter?

That depends.  If you are providing shelter from the rain or cold during the winter, yes. However in this area when we are experiencing our usual high summer temperatures, the dog may not be able to get relief from the sun by laying in an oven-like dog house.  There must be shade that is provided at all hours of the day and has adequate ventilation.