Public Art and Mural Program


  • Aquarium Life
    'Aquarium Life', from the 2009 Summer Mural Program, is located at the Valley Aquatic Center (4381 West 18th Street.)
  • Summer Mural Program 2014
    The mural titled 'kids inviting you to swing with them' was part of the 2014 Summer Mural Program. It is located at Joe Henry Memorial Park on 23rd Avenue and Colorado Street.
  • Yuma Readiness
    For the 2012 Summer Mural Program, a military themed piece was painted at the Yuma Readiness and Community Center (6550 East 24th Street).
  • Mural
    'A Letter to Yuma' was created as part of the 2012 Summer Mural Program. It is located at the entrance of the Yuma Civic Center, 1440 West Desert Hills Drive.
  • Summer-Mural-Program-2014
    Mural at Joe Henry Park Softball Field, located on 23rd Avenue. Part of the 2014 Summer Mural Program.
  • Come Swim
    'Come and Swim with Us' is a mural at Marcus Pool (545 W 5th Street) which was painted in 2011 as part of the Summer Mural Program.
  • Under the Sea
    Another mural at Marcus Pool (545 W 5th Street) from the 2011 Summer Mural Program is titled 'Under the Sea in a Submarine.'
  • Murals
    Centennial Mural celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Yuma, located on 32nd Street and Avenue A. Dedicated on July 25, 2014.
  • 32nd Street Collage
    Photos from the 2014 dedication ceremony for the Centennial Mural on 32nd Street and Avenue A.
  • The Yuma West Wetlands Solar Garden
    Located at the West Wetlands Park, the Solar Garden Display was a collaboration between the Arizona Western College Welding Program, APS and the Parks and Recreation Arts and Culture Division.

Yuma Art Center in collaboration with Arizona at Work (Formerly known as Youth Private Industry Council -YPIC ).    

Working together for our youth, our pride, our tomorrow.  

Our youth summer mural program has been enriching and beautifying our community for the past 14 years.  The Summer Mural Program is a 5 to 8 week program. The first two weeks begin with an “art boot camp” class where the students learn the art basics, from brush strokes to color and value. However, the students not only learn about art, they learn about team work, marketing, public speaking and work ethics and the importance of it.

The students are grouped, and come up with several concepts for them to present to the Parks and Recreation Division heads, where they have to explain and sale their concept without degrading the other groups. When the winning concept gets selected, the painting starts.

A mural unveil is something that is a big part of this program, because it showcases the growth and the talent these kids have learned in the short weeks. It also gives the students, the parents, and the families, a closer look at what they (students) can do when given the right tools, the right foundation, and the right education.

This program gives our students a glimpse of what they can accomplish when you have the right tools and the determination; you can become an artist and paint a mural when in fact you have never hold a brush or even sketched. This program, gives our students that push that makes their self-esteem go straight to the top. They leave thinking to which college I’m going to attend!

“Nothing good comes easy.” This is what I tell our mural students, it’s a lesson that will help them throughout their lives."                                                                               

                                                                                   - Ana Lazo-Padilla, City of Yuma Marketing Specialist  

Mural Supervisor, Ana Lazo-Padilla - City of Yuma Marketing Specialist

Mural Instructor, Albert Escalante 

Assistant Mural Instructor, Melissa Zaragoza-Ramirez


If anyone is interested in being part of the summer mural program, and for more informatmion on requirements, please contact Arizona at Work - Youth Career Connect.

Arizona at Work - Youth Career Connect Services

Contact Number- (928) 783-9347

Evelyn Aello - Youth Career Connect Advocate,

Lydia Blackthunder- Youth Services Manager,