Friendship Park


friendship park ramada 22   friendship park water feature  friendship park ramada 23
Avenue A & 34th Place

This beautiful park located in the shadow of Yuma's water tower features free water play areas that are perfect for toddlers and nonswimmers, and fun for big kids, too. There is a Ramada available to rent, and a playground area close by.

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  • 2 Ramadas -   
  • #22:  large grill, 4 picnic tables-   
  • #23:  large grill, 4 picnic tables, piñata pole      
  • Exercise  Equipment - beam pan, pull up bars,  jump touch, parallel bars, leg stretch, sit ups, spring up,  challenge ladder, balance beam, vertical ladder       
  • Water Feature (whale, dolphin, mushrooms)- Turned on the first Friday of May and turned off the last Sunday in September.          
  • 3 concrete benches in open space 
  • Restrooms      
  • Large raised gathering area on west side of park        
  • Walking path (1,496 linear feet)