Boards, Commissions, and Committee Meeting Agendas, Summaries, Minutes and Other Notices


Parks & Recreation Advisory Boards, Commissions and Advisory Committees

The Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission works with the Parks and Recreation Department as representatives of the community dedicated to the enjoyment, health and well-being of its constituency as it relates to the use of facilities, programs and events of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Specifically, the Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission has set the following goals:

  • Members of the Commission serve as advocates and liaisons between the public and the City. 
  • The Commission provides professional expertise and meaningful perspective. 
  • As citizens and stewards, the Commission provides valuable input and feedback. 
  • Commission members are active participants and volunteers in events and projects related to Parks and Recreation.

Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission Board Members:
Christopher Bedinger, Chairperson
Judy Phillips, Vice Chairperson 
Jeffrey P. Marnati
William “Bill” Mowczko 
Victoria Nguyen
Virgil Tapispisan
John Stratton 

Community Tree Board

Recognizing that trees are a valuable part of our community, the Yuma Community Tree Board works with the Parks and Recreation Department in the fulfillment of Ordinance O2007-69. This ordinance, established in 2007, promotes and protects the public health, safety, and general welfare by providing for the regulation of the planting maintenance, and removal of trees and other woody plants belonging to the City of Yuma.

The Community Tree Board has established the following goals:

  • Create an Adopt A Park and Adopt A Trail program. 
  • Develop partnerships with the Yuma business community. 
  • Develop training programs for the community. 
  • Develop a volunteer corps to help with projects. 
  • Create school based educational opportunities. 
  • Develop fundraising strategies to build and enhance green spaces as well as educate the citizens.

Community Tree Board Members:
John W. Jackson, II
Daren Dalgleish
Cory Mayrant
Mark Headington

Ad Hoc Public Art Committee: 
The Public Art Committee’s mission is to promote the visual environment of Yuma and encourage involvement in the design and development of public art. 

Public Art Advisory Committee Members:
Shirley Burch
Bill Butler
Amanda Coltman
Lia Littlewood
Mariah Lutich
Judy Phillips
Jere Truer
Denise Vaughn

Interested in Joining a Board or Commission?

The City of Yuma has several boards and commissions made up of City residents who have volunteered their service to the community. We invite you to consider serving as well. This is your chance to help shape the City of Yuma's future!

Who Can Serve on a City of Yuma Board or Commission?

Any person who lives within Yuma's City limits may serve on a board or commission. Several boards of a more technical nature require one or more members to have specific technical expertise. In order to be considered for a board or commission, an Boards and Commissions application must be filed in the City Clerk's Office.

How is a Person Selected?

When an opening occurs due to resignation or term expiration, City Council appoints an individual from the list of applications on file in the Office of the Mayor and Council. The individual is selected based on education, work experience and civic involvement as listed on the application. Formal appointment occurs at a regularly scheduled City Council meeting.