Armed Forces Park

Armed Forces Park
281 Gila Street


Yuma's Armed Forces Memorial Park is located at the site of the old Yuma railroad depot. The only park of its type in Arizona, one of the most unique features about the Armed Forces Park is that it has been designed to honor ALL military veterans, living and deceased, no matter which branch of service. To be honored with a plaque, a person needs only to have served in one of the military branches, whether two years ago or 50. The plaques are made of solid granite. Each is eight inches high and 16 inches wide. Each plaque is individually engraved with the person's name, rank, dates of service, and includes his or her service emblem.

Visit the official Yuma Armed Forces Park website with its interactive "Plaque Finder" showing every plaque and plaque location within the park:

To have a memorial plaque created, contact Art Nottingham at (928) 246-3558.


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