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Councilmember Chris Morris was born and raised in Yuma, Ariz., growing up in a household with both parents working. He met his wife, Nora, while working at one of his first jobs when he was 21 years old. Together they have four children and one granddaughter.

Both Chris and his wife enjoy and encourage physical activities. Their children are active in Youth Sports and they work out as a family daily.

Councilmember Morris has worked in the construction industry his entire life, starting in a lumber yard loading material onto contractor’s trucks. As years went on, he took any opportunity to learn what he could about the industry, eventually working his way up to a Construction Estimator for many of the local contractors. He and his wife own and operate two construction-related companies: one for residential design which opened in 2006, and a residential general construction company. Chris has been a member of the City of Yuma Residential Advisory and Appeals Board since 2016, where he has taken part in the review and adoption of the current Building Code.

Councilmember Morris feels strongly about protecting the private rights of individuals. He has a vision of a City operating with an efficient budget and that does not overreach its boundaries. Chris plans to use his years of business experience to help bring new business into Yuma. As he has done throughout life, he will look to God for guidance when faced with a difficult decision.

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