Yuma Regional Communications System

The Yuma Regional Communications System (YRCS) is aregional robust, state-of-the-art land mobile radio (LMR) system providingcritical operable and interoperable two-way communications for public safety and public service agencies. The YRCS is a Project 25 (P25 digital standard)trunked radio system using 700 and 800 MHz frequencies and provides wide areacommunications across several counties in Arizona as well as offering interoperability with some neighboring jurisdictions in California.  YRCS currently partners - support with over 70 local, state and federal agencies. The system is used for day-to-day response level communications as well as interoperability across jurisdictions and public safety disciplines. The system consists of one ASTRO 25 zone. All Radio Frequency (RF) sites within YumaCounty are interconnected via encrypted microwave radio links in a ringtopology. The connected RF site infrastructure includes thirty (30)non-simulcast 700 MHz sites throughout the State of Arizona. The enterpriseradio system is operational in Yuma, La Paz/Mohave, Maricopa, Pinal, Pima,Gila, Graham, Yavapai, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties. YRCS has fifteen (15) dispatch locations and forty-eight (48) dispatch operator positions. The shared radio system is primarily used by local, state, and federal agencies in theYuma and La Paz regions.  If you would like to join YRCS please contact the Information Technology Department. 

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