Information Technology Services (ITS)

Kathleen Fernandez
Chief Information Officer

Mission Statement

The purpose of Information Technology is to enable the City to achieve its business goals and objectives, recognize opportunities to match new technology to evolving business operations, and to promote a technology enabled community in which all residents, businesses and the governmental lines of business have secure, and easy access to high-quality, accurate, relevant information, and Information Services.
We are committed to friendly, polite service, and excellence through knowledge and communication. We will provide timely, accurate and thorough assistance for all of your technology needs with efficiency and a smile.
Our Core Values include working in partnership with all customers to leverage the use of information technology systems and infrastructure to meet business opportunities, and foster customer self-sufficiency in using technologies, giving exceptional customer services while providing the following:
  • Faster, easier, more cost-effective, more accurate information and service to the public by automating City processes, and empowering City employees with office automation tools and technologies;
  • Focused, customer-driven solutions, coordinated information technology planning, project management methodology, cost-effective tools and timely technical services;
  • Business and support services that empower, and support, our customers for the accomplishment of their missions.