Health Benefits

 The City of Yuma is proud to provide medical, dental and vision insurance for its employees which is administered by the Yuma Area Benefit Consortium. Employees may choose from two traditional PPO plans or a High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account. Dependent premiums are paid one month in advance and are pre-taxed (unless waived).

The Plan Document explains your health benefits in detail.

YABC Quick Reference Contact Information: this list will include contact information for medical, vision and dental claims, prescription information, network providers, COBRA, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, etc.

YABC Enrollment/Change of Status Form: complete this form to add or delete your child(ren) and/or spouse, address changes or name changes. If adding or deleting family members outside of our open enrollment period, it must be an IRS status approved change.  For more information on the IRS status approved change, refer to page 16 of the Plan Document.


The City of Yuma offers three plans for employees. Click on the link below for the plans summary of benefits and coverage.

2019-2020 Plan A Details download
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2019-2020 Plan B Details download
File Size: 421.55K
2019-2020 HDHP Details download
File Size: 406.98K

Click here for a list of in-network physicians, hospitals, urgent cares or retail clinics.  Follow these easy steps to find a doctor in your network:

  1. Click on link above.
  2. Choose "Arizona PPO" from the menu next to the "Find a Doctor" orange button.
  3. Click "Find a Doctor" orange button.
  4. Once you're on the search tool site, type in the location, select a category and type in a doctor's name or speciality.

To access claim and eligibility information for benefit participants visit . If you are a first time user, you will need to create an account to access your information.


Yuma Area Benefit Consortium (YABC) -VSP, provide you with an eye care plan, which is included as part of your medical benefits.

For a list of network providers you can visit their website at

For more detail on the vision coverage, visit our VSP Plan Document.


Yuma Area Benefits Consortium (YABC) Group Health Insurance Plan includes a dental plan. This plan allows two free cleanings a year. For more detailed coverage, review the Plan Document, starting on page 67.

Dental Reimbursement Form Details download
File Size: 915.90K Dental Reimbursement Form