Inside the Yuma Fire Department


The Yuma Fire Department exists to provide professional services, protecting life and property, to its citizens.  We ensure the safety and security of those we serve by delivering emergency medical transport, fire prevention, fire suppression, and education to the community.

The Essentials

Core Values

  • Family
  • Integrity and Honor
  • Respect for each other and the community
  • Excellence and Professionalism

Customer Service

For the overwhelming majority of our calls for service our customers measure us against the following standards.

  • Did we get there quickly?
  • Did we care about their problem?

We measure each other and ourselves by asking.

  • Were we prepared?
  • Did we do our best?

Risk Management

We do dangerous stuff. The question is not whether or not we take risks. The Question is; are we reasonable about what kind of risk we take and are we reasonable about what we will take a risk for? Risk should be calculated against two factors.

  • Were we prepared?
  • Did we do our best?


Those given responsibility in our organization are required to serve the public and those they are given responsibility for. They must act in the public’s interest and work to develop their subordinates both for the jobs they are doing and for the jobs they will be promoted to. Decisions are made and problems solved at the lowest level appropriate.

Organizational Discipline

Our organization has a structure. The structure is meant to create a team that can do dangerous complex tasks rapidly, often with very little notice, and insufficient information about what is really going on. In order for the structure to survive the challenges we are faced with, everyone must respect the position of those put in charge. It is understood that those in a position of authority will use that authority solely to protect the individuals in their charge.

The Basics

The practice of our profession is in large part a physical struggle against the clock. Hard things must be done quickly. When we are too late others suffer. It makes a difference how long it takes us to put on our gear, how effectively we can stretch a hose line, and how well we can place a ladder. It matters that we have taken the time to learn about our City. We need to know the people, the buildings, the roads, and the hazards. Our success at emergencies depends on how practiced and ready we are.

Having Fun

What we do is stressful. We understand more than anybody how important it is to enjoy the good times and the need to support each other. It is part of our job not to take ourselves too seriously and to help each other when we need to.

Yuma Fire Department Planning Documents