Fireworks can be enjoyable and spectacular, especially around holidays; however, they can also cause serious injury and start dangerous fires. For these reasons, both the State of Arizona and the City of Yuma regulate their sale, possession and use.

For many years, ALL fireworks were illegal, except for supervised (by permit) public displays. In recent years, some types of "consumer fireworks" have been allowed. State law restricts the sale, possession and use by the general public to only those listed as "Permissible Consumer Fireworks" (ARS 13-1601.5a). In general, if it leaves the ground (sky rockets, bottle rockets, etc.), shoots flaming material into the air (roman candles), or explodes (any type of firecracker), it is illegal.

Use of permissible consumer fireworks is further restricted (within the City of Yuma) to private property. City ordinance (139-002.A) says that "the use, discharge or ignition of fireworks is prohibited on all public property including all parks, sidewalks, streets and rights-of-way at all times."

City ordinance (139-006) also is clear that the user is responsible for the costs of any emergency response resulting from the use of fireworks. Of course, as a Fire Department, we see far too much damage and injury, even from fireworks considered by some to be "safe," like sparklers (that burn at temperatures over 1000 degrees). We consider fireworks to be playing with fire and do not condone their use.

State of Arizona Consumer Fireworks Regulations Arizona Revised Statutes section 36-1601, et al.:

The USE of permissible consumer fireworks as defined under state law is allowed:

June 24 - July 6 and December 24 - January 3

The SALE of permissable consumer fireworks as defined under state law is allowed:

May 20 - July 6 and December 10 - January 3

Permissable consumer fireworks may not be sold to persons under sixteen (16) years of age.

The large aerial or ground displays, which you might see at public events, are by permit only. "Every supervised public display of fireworks shall have a permit and shall be inspected by the Fire Chief or designee prior to such event. Every supervised public display of fireworks shall be of such character and so located, discharged or ignited in a manner that does not endanger persons, animals or property. A permit shall not be issued, or may be revoked, during time periods of High Fire Danger warnings. The Fire Chief has authority to impose conditions on any permits granted" (City Ordinance 139-002.C).

 Permit requirements include:

  • Completion of a permit application
  • Specifications on the launching area
  • Stipulations on the presence of a licensed pyrotechnic operator at the firing
For more information concerning firework regulations in the City of Yuma, contact the City of Yuma Fire Department at (928) 373-4850.