IMG_E5826Hazardous Materials Response

The City of Yuma Fire Department is an all hazard response department. As such, we respond to all incidents involving hazardous materials (Haz Mat) in the City of Yuma. We are also considered a regional response team, able to respond anywhere in Yuma County upon request. We have a specialized team consisting of 36 hazardous materials technicians (Haz Techs). A Haz Tech is a specially certified firefighter who has gone to school for a minimum of 200 hours in addition to their other training. During this training, the Haz Tech learns everything from hazard identification to Level A entry for hazard mitigation. A Level A entry is when a person dons a fully encapsulating suit to enter and safeguard an environment that has the potential of being immediately dangerous to life or health. In addition to our Haz Techs, all other suppression members are trained to the 40 hour First Responder Level. Fire Responders respond to assist with initial actions on scene, and then they will assist the Haz Techs with their mitigation actions as the event progresses. The Haz Mat team has a specialized vehicle (Special Ops 2) set up for hazardous materials response, which is housed at Fire Station 2. Fire Station 2 is staffed with Haz Techs on a daily basis. Special Ops 2 is a tractor trailer which carries all of the essential Haz Mat equipment. Special Ops 2 is self-contained, and designed to be in service for long periods of time. The City of Yuma Hazardous Materials Team has been deployed on several large incidents since its inception in the 1980's.

001 - hazmat decon
SS-Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle-4.4