Vendor Responsibilities

  • Register your business with
  • Obtain a City of Yuma Business License if products or services are directly provided inside the City.
  • Notify Purchasing of any name, address change and email address.
  • Read all detailed specifications and bid documents, and to comply with all instructions and required conditions.
  • Contact Purchasing to request an explanation if a request is not fully understood.
  • Quote firm contract prices only. The bid price must be for complete installation or delivery, ready for owner's use, and must include all applicable freight and installation charges, except where otherwise indicated.
  • Submit bid proposals or quotes on forms supplied by the City, except as otherwise directed.
  • Assure that an original signature of an authorized representative of the firm is on the bid form.
  • Ensure that bids are submitted to the address or fax number referenced in the bid before bid opening time.  Failure to do so will result in the bid being returned unopened.
  • Provide the proper quality of product. When submitting an alternate product, the bidder must clearly identify the product as an alternate. A brochure describing the alternate must be included with the bid. The City will assume that your bid is on the specified product if this is not done.
  • Provide a reasonable and competitive price.
  • Provide, upon request, a schedule for delivery of items or services.
  • Process all orders promptly and accurately.
  • Provide information on new products, processes, materials, and provide demonstrations or samples, when requested.


Information on all City of Yuma bids can be downloaded for free from the web site and notices are posted on the City's website. Bids of $100,000.00 or more are advertised in the legal section of The Sun.

For More Information

If you have questions or require more information about soliciting items, contact the City of Yuma Purchasing Division.