Doing Business with the City of Yuma

The City of Yuma is pleased to consider your company as a supplier of our varied needs.  We appreciate the opportunity to study your products and services relative to our requirements.

Purchasing is responsible for purchase of materials, equipment and services required by the City of Yuma.

This Division is the only organization within the City of Yuma authorized to issue purchase orders to commit the City to a contract. Commitments made by persons other than authorized Purchasing employees are not valid.

Potential bidders may obtain solicitations at no cost by registering at the web site. Additionally, companies may also provide a list of other commodities offered so that they can be alerted to future project opportunities.

All Bidders must register with the Arizona Purchasing web site.  Please be advised if the City of Yuma’s solicitation is received by other than downloading the solicitation directly from the web site, you may not receive all the required documents. The City of Yuma will not accept any bids that are not on a City of Yuma Bid Form.

If you are already registered, please update your company profile by selecting the commodities that you currently offer for future projects. It is the vendor’s responsibility to update their profile with the appropriate commodities. Most all of the City of Yuma solicitations are released through the web site.

For More Information

If you have questions or require more information about soliciting items, contact the City of Yuma Purchasing Division.