City Auctions

wooden gavelThe City of Yuma does not sell surplus property direct to the public. However, items are available by public auction. We hold an annual auction and also maintain an ongoing on-line auction. All funds generated through the sale of surplus property are returned to the City Accounting Funds for equipment replacement or to the general fund.

City of Yuma Surplus Auction

The City of Yuma holds auctions to dispose of surplus materials, including vehicles. The next City of Yuma Surplus Property Auction has been postponed until further notice. 


For more information, contact the Purchasing Division at 928-373-5104 between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Surplus property belonging to the City of Yuma is disposed of through public auction, competitive sealed bid, or other appropriate methods as required by State law and the Yuma City Charter.

On-line Auction

The City of Yuma also hosts on line auctions throughout the year. These auctions may include equipment such as heavy duty trucks, vehicles, office equipment, various computers and office equipment.

View current on-line auction items