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8:00 AM
to 1:30 PM
Sports Turf, Tree & Landscape EXPO

The Sports Turf, Tree & Landscape Expo is open to the public. Whether you are professional turf manager, homeowner, a member of the tree industry or tree worker, you can get hands-on demonstrations of today's best practices and products for all your green thumb needs.

Register today for only $10! Registration includes our famous Tri-tip lunch! 

The Sports Turf, Tree & Landscape Expo is geared toward anyone wanting to learn more about the latest technologies and strategies for turf, trees, plants, and lawn care. How to demonstrations, hands-on learning experiences, and professional guest speaker seminars will be held throughout the day.
Date:  Thursday, December 5
Time:  8:00 am - 1:30 pm
Location: Yuma Civic Center
Registration Fee:  $10 per person and includes a famous tri-tip lunch. 

Vendor Registration: 
Registration Fee: $50 includes space, table and chairs, and tri-tip lunch. 


We would like to thank our sponsors who help make this EXPO happen. This event is proudly sponsored by RDO Equipment, Toro, Hunter Industries, and Yuma Nursery.