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8:00 AM
to 1:30 PM
2018 Sports Turf, Tree, & Landscape Expo

The Sports Turf, Tree & Landscape Expo is open to the public. Whether you are professional turf manager, homeowner, a member of the tree industry or tree worker, you can get hands-on demonstrations of today's best practices and products for all your green thumb needs.

Register today for only $10! Registration includes our famous Tri-tip lunch! 

The Sports Turf, Tree & Landscape Expo is geared toward anyone wanting to learn more about the latest technologies and strategies for turf, trees, plants, and lawn care. How to demonstrations, hands-on learning experiences, and professional guest speaker seminars will be held throughout the day.

Date:  Thursday, December 6

Time:  8:00 am - 1:30 pm
Location: Yuma Civic Center
Registration Fee:  $10 per person and includes a famous tri-tip lunch. 

Vendor Registration: 
Registration Fee: $50 includes space, table and chairs, and tri-tip lunch. 

Advance registration is encouraged.



This expo is a culmination of the turf industry and the tree industry including members of the Yuma Community Tree Board and the local garden clubs.

We would like to thank our sponsors who help make this EXPO happen. This event is proudly sponsored by RDO Equipment, Toro, Hunter Industries, and Yuma Nursery.