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6:00 PM
to 7:30 PM
Your Insights, Yuma’s Future: A Citywide Listening Tour

Seeking resdients' input that will inform strategic planning the City Council will begin this fall, the City of Yuma invites residents to participate in one of four events in the coming weeks.

“Your Insights, Yuma’s Future: A Citywide Listening Tour” will consist of three in-person and one online remote event.

This event will be held 6 p.m. Oct. 19 at the E.F. Sanguinetti Fire Station 1, 353 S.3rd Ave.

Register here:

Or register by phone at 928-373-5200.

All in-person opportunities will prioritize physical distancing and will require the use of face coverings. There will be limited number of seats available at each location.

Participants should be persons of voting age who reside within the city of Yuma.