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9:30 AM
to 11:30 AM
Silver Spur Rodeo Parade

The 73rd Silver Spur Rodeo Parade, "Arizona's 5 C’S-Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus & Climate", features over 100 entries.  Bring your family and enjoy the show!

The Parade is Saturday, February 10th, starting at 9:30am

The route has changed.  It is as follows: 

  • North on Maiden Lane to 2nd Street
  • West on 2nd Street to Main Street
  • South on Main Street to Giss Parkway
  • West on Giss Parkway to 2nd Avenue
  • South on 2nd Avenue to 4th Street
  • West on 4th Street to 4th Avenue
  • South on 4th Avenue to 12th Street

The Rodeo Parade is just one portion of the 72nds Annual Silver Spur Rodeo (February 9-11).  For more information about the Rodeo Parade and other Rodeo festivities, visit