Request Court Records

Request court documents from the Yuma Municipal Court that relate to cases of interest to you, your family or your business.

Inquiring About the Status of a Case

Please note that if you are not requesting copies of records but are only inquiring about the status of a case, or to confirm an upcoming court date, the requestor may call Yuma Municipal Court at 928-373-4800.

Requesting Copies of Documents or Records

You can request in person, mail or fax. Telephone requests will not be accepted. The form must be filled out completely; otherwise it will not be processed. 

 "Request for Court Records" form [PDF]

  • If submitting request by mail, send the completed form to the Yuma Municipal Court at 1515 S. 2nd Ave, Yuma, AZ 85364 

  • If submitting request by fax, fax the completed form to (928) 329-2876

  • If submitting request in person, bring the completed form to the Court. 

A court representative will contact you by phone when the records are ready. Records will not be returned by facsimile, except to government agencies. Requests are processed within 10 business days depending on the size of the request.

Payment is due prior to services being rendered or release of any information.

 In accordance with Rule 123(f) of the Arizona Supreme Court Rules of Court, a request to inspect or obtain copies of records that are open to the public shall be made in writing on a form provided by the custodian. A.R.S. 22-404B provides that a minimum fee of $17.00 be charged for research in locating a document or for duplication of an audio record.

Pursuant to Rule 29, Rules of the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, records for criminal offenses more than 5 years after final adjudication and completion of sentence are not available. Records for DUI and domestic violence offenses more than 8 years after final adjudication and completion of sentence are not available. Records for civil traffic offenses more than 1 year after final adjudication and satisfaction of fines are not available.