Cameras in Court

Cameras in Court and Media Public Information

  1. For any inquiry about case status, or to confirm an upcoming court date, the requestor may call Yuma Municipal Court at 928-373-4800.

  2. For any inquiry to obtain copies or documents from a City Court case file, pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona, Rule 123, Public Access to Judicial Records of the State of Arizona, the requestor should submit a records request form. Records request forms are available on the City Court web page, or in the court lobby. A fee will apply. 

  3. Electronic and photograph coverage of public judicial proceedings may be permitted in accordance with Arizona Rules of Court, Rule 122.  For a media inquiry to have camera or recording presence at a court proceeding, and in a courtroom, the requestor should submit a petition making the request and submit it to the judge assigned to the case. The ruling will then be determined by the assigned judge, at which time any specific conditions or criteria will be provided to the media.