Tree and Shade Master Plan

The City of Yuma is starting the planning process to produce a Tree & Shade Master Plan that will serve to guide the City on management of our urban forest.  The goal of the plan is to encourage more trees to be planted in Yuma, by both the City and the public at large.  The plan will also examine existing tree care and make recommendations to shape future policies on trees and shade structures.  In addition to increasing Yuma’s tree canopy, a goal of the plan is to raise awareness of the importance of trees and to form partnerships with community organizations to implement the vision for a sustainable city of trees.   



Trees play a vital role in making our community more livable and enjoyable.  Trees in the urban environment offer a host of benefits for the health and safety of the community, for the environment, and for the economy.  To find out more, read the draft of the plan (most recent version linked below)! 

Increasing Yuma’s Tree Canopy Coverage


Yuma’s current tree canopy is 3.5%, shown in green on the map above.  The map illustrates Yuma’s existing urban forest and is the baseline for planning efforts.  Tree canopy is measured as the extent of the outer layer of leaves and branches of an individual tree or group of trees.  The higher the tree canopy density, the higher the benefits from trees such as cleaning the air, cooling our buildings through shading, and providing habitat for wildlife.  Monitoring tree canopy distribution over time is one way to measure the health of our urban forest and to plan for equitable distribution of future plantings. 

Get Involved In The Planning Process Today!

We have formed a Task Force of over 30 community members and local experts to help guide the plan.  We will be reaching out to the community at-large to get input on the plan via a public survey, several public events, and meetings.  The list below will be updated as more events are planned.     

  3/26/2019        Task Force Meeting #1                                                City Hall, Room 190, 5pm

  4/18/2019        Parks & Recreation Arbor Day Celebration     Ponderosa Park, 9am

  4/18/2019        Clean & Beautiful Commission Tree Planting Celebration

  4/23/2019        Task Force Meeting #2                                                City Hall, Room 190, 5pm

  5/30/2019        Task Force Meeting #3                                                City Hall, Room 190, 5pm

  6/6/2019          Community Meeting on the Tree & Shade Master Plan   Yuma Art Center,  6pm

  6/27/2019        Task Force Meeting #4                                                City Hall, Room 142,  5pm

  7/25/2019         Task Force Meeting #5                                                City Hall, Room 142,  5pm

  8/22/2019        Task Force Meeting #6                                                 City Hall, Room 142,   5pm

 9/26/2019         Task Force Meeting #7                                                 City Hall,  Room 190,  5pm

10/12/2019        Spruce Up Your Park Day                                           West Wetlands Park,  7am

10/24/2019       Task Force Meeting #8                                                 City Hall Room 190,  5pm

12/5/2019           Task Force Meeting #9                                                 City Hall Room 190,  5pm




 Tree & ShadeMaster Plan 2020 Appendices (12/19/19)

Tree & Shade Master Plan 2020 Final Draft (12/19/19)

Landscape Regulations (Adopted 2017)

Recommended Plants List

Tree and Shade Master Plan Introductory Presentation

 Tree and Shade Master Plan Survey Results (10/03/19)

For additional questions regarding the plan, please contact project manager, Naomi Leeman at