Pre-Development Meeting (PDM) and Community Liaison Services


The City of Yuma offers a no-cost comprehensive pre-development meeting (PDM) process to review and discuss proposed projects with any customer. Pre-Development Meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday (by appointment only); staff members from all departments are on hand to provide a one-stop approach to discussing and reviewing proposed projects.

Our staff is trained to work with home owners, professional Architects, and Engineers and Contractors, each at the level that is required. The staff problem-solves issues that arise during the planning and development processes. They also act as a liaison for the small business owner and homeowners to assist in guiding them through public hearing processes and technical aspects of development. For more information or to schedule a Pre-Development Meeting, please call us at (928) 373-5175.

  • Solar panels downtown
  • City Hall
  • 2013 Neighborhood Leadership Academy graduation
  • Martin Luther King Center