Code Compliance

Neighborhood Service’s office of Code Enforcement performs daily patrols of Revitalization Areas (Yuma High, Carver Park and Mesa Heights) watching for problems that may that degrade and lessen the livability of neighborhoods.

Typical Violations

  • Public safety obstructions

  • Illegal dumping of trash or personal belongings

  • Inoperable motor vehicles

  • Uncontrolled vegetation

  • Vacant buildings that are open or improperly boarded up

  • Graffiti

A Typical Violation Process

Excessive TrashWhen a problem is identified, the tenant or home owner is notified by mail. They are asked to correct the problem within 10 working days. Re-inspections are conducted several times a week. But if the violation is not corrected after 2 warnings, the issue is turned over to the City Prosecutor and finally to Municipal Court where fines could be levied.

If you see Graffiti in your neighborhood report it: Graffiti Hotline: (928) 329-2828