Department of Community Development

The Department of Community Development is committed to enriching the quality of the natural and built environment for existing and future residents, in partnership with community, through proper planning, development and building practices. The Department strives for responsible, responsive and creative solutions to meet the current needs of customers and the City, while planning for future generations.

The department is comprised of four divisions: Administration, Community Planning, Building Safety, and Neighborhood Services. View our organizational chart.

  • Administration guides and oversees the overall mission and processes of the department. Work areas include setting policy and procedure, interacting at the highest level with elected officials and City Administration. This division led by the Director sets and oversees the overall budget for the department. Administration also oversees and manages the Pre-Development and Customer Liaison activities for the department.

  • Community Planning Division guides development and growth within the City with three main focuses: Long Range Planning, Case Review and Design and Historic Preservation.

  • The Building Safety Division provides services needed for construction to promote health, safety and welfare within the built environment. Staff meets with the public, reviews building plans, issues building permits, performs inspections of construction, and ensure Council adopted codes are enforced. The division also includes two code enforcement officers.

  • Neighborhood Services creates healthy neighborhoods by improving the quality of life of our residents, particularly the low and moderate income (LMI). In partnership with the community, we develop and implement creative strategies for attractive and diverse neighborhoods. The City receives Community Development Block Grant funding for the Department of HUD and Neighborhood Services ensures the use of funds address priorities in the Consolidated Plan and meet HUD requirements. Neighborhood Services uses CDBG and other resources to administer a Housing Rehab Program, Neighborhood Leadership Academy, Proactive Code Enforcement and Rental Programs in revitalization areas, Neighborhood Outreach and provides funds to nonprofits to offer services for LMI people.

The Department also has oversight and provides presentations and support to multiple Boards and Commissions. See a list of our Boards and Commissions, their responsibilities to the Community and upcoming and previous agendas.