Community Planning


The Community Planning Division guides development and growth within the City with three main focuses: Planning and Zoning Case Review, Design and Historic Preservation and Long Range Planning.

Current Planning / Case Review

The Case Review Planners provide staff support to the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Hearing Officer. They meet with customers, handle requests for rezoning, variances and subdivisions, and recommend changes to the zoning or subdivision codes to keep up with the modern development practices.

Design and Historical Architectural Preservation 

Staff is dedicated to insuring that under the guidance and direction of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) the integrity of Yuma's rich history is maintained.  This section is guided at many levels from the Federal Government to the States to the local levels of Cities and Towns. 

Long Range Planning

Staff prepares updates to the General Plan new or revised policies to guide the City's growth and manages the long term plan for the City’s 20 year planning boundaries. They also participate in local and regional boards, such as the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization to provide input and expertise to other facets of growth within our community. 

There is a fee for applying for some of our changes and updates to property and different types of land uses. Our fee schedule is updated each year on July 1st based on the previous year’s consumer price index.

Front Counter Planner on Duty
Palm lined entrance at City Hall
Historic Home in Century Heights
Adobe Structure with Original Sign

Verify Zoning on a Property or Area in the City

To check the zoning on a property or area of the city or to ask questions about development standards in our  zoning districts, please call our Front Counter Planning Staff at (928) 373-5000 X3003.   The zoning code is complex and multi-faceted; in addition every piece of property in the city limits is unique and can have its own history. We ask that you view the zoning code as a guideline. Always call or e-mail one of our friendly and knowledgable Planners to request information on a specific property and never purchase a property or business without checking on the history with our Staff. We offer free Pre-Development meetings with our Pre Development Team for all proposed projects.