Design and Historical Architectural Preservation

The Historic Preservation and Architectural Design Staff works with the Design and Historic Review Commission (DHRC) to promote and protect the historic and architectural integrity of the City of Yuma. Staff provides information and presents staff reports for new construction and in-fill projects. The DHRC reviews plans for development in our Aesthetic Overlay (the gateways to the City) and within our three irreplaceable historic districts (Main Street, Century Heights, and Brinley Avenue) to ensure that upgrades and new construction is of the highest quality and is compatible with its surroundings. Staff uses State and Federal guidelines for development in addition to our local City-approved neighborhood specific historic district and design guidelines.

Yuma has more than 40 properties Individually-listed on the National Register of Historic Places, plus dozens more that have been deemed “Contributing Structures” in our Historic Districts. Thoughtful evaluation of proposed improvements in our historic neighborhoods provides a benefit to their vitality and protects their future. See a map of our Historic Districts and Boundaries.

  • Historic City Hall
  • Historic homes on 1st Avenue
  • Lee Hotel
  • Gandolfo Building

Historic Signage and Virtual Tour

HistoricSignageMap_310pxYuma has a long and rich history, and you can catch glimpses of that storied past around town in the form of vintage signage. Particularly interesting are the ghost signs (barely visible painted signs) in the downtown area and the colorfully creative neon signs of the roadside motels of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s along 4th Avenue. Click the icon to the left to take a virtual tour of the unique character of our community.