Bikeways of Yuma

Get out and enjoy Yuma’s sunny weather and beautiful scenery on your bike! 

2018 Yuma Bikeways Plan: Download the adopted version of the plan.

2018 Yuma Bikeways Plan Appendices: Download the Appendices, which includes results of the survey and online interactive map.

Interactive Map:  View comments on the interactive input map (comment period closed).  



BikewaysMapThumbnailPick up a free copy of the Bikeways of Yuma map! 

The map is available at City Hall, the Community Development Department, the National Heritage Area, the Yuma Territorial Prison and the Yuma Visitors Center. 

Click the image to the right to view or download the map. 


Know the rules and be safe!

Always follow these tips for cycling.

Recent changes to the Yuma Code of Ordinances emphasize the importance of riding with the flow of traffic, even when you’re on the sidewalk.  Be sure to review the State of Arizona laws regarding cycling as well.