Surveying Services Group

Surveying Services establishes and maintains survey monuments and benchmarks for survey control of City and private development projects. It also provides support on construction projects and property acquisition projects. Including:

  • Recovery of existing survey monuments in advance of construction projects. Replace and record same following project completion.
  • Provide staking as necessary for property acquisitions by the City.
  • Preparation of lot ties and splits of City properties.
  • Topographic, boundary and legal surveys.
  • Establishment and maintenance of Global Positioning System (GPS) primary monuments tied to Federal and State plane coordinate systems.
  • Benchmark Map August 2013
  • Bench Marks 2001 - 2144 August 2013
  • Bench Marks 2145 - 2288 August 2013
  • Bench Marks 2289 - TBM 2433 August 2013

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