Infrastructure Engineering 

Infrastructure Engineering's primary function is the administration and execution of City construction projects.  Individual construction project related activities cover all facets of the projects, from initiation through turnover of the finished product to the owning department, including:

  • Project scope and budget refinement
  • Preparing studies or bid ready documents
  • Property acquisition
  • Permit acquisition (ADEQ, BLM, UPRR, etc.)
  • Bid assistance to purchasing
  • Construction administration and inspection
  • As-built documentation

Coordination of individual projects with private development to enhance City of Yuma infrastructure, eliminate the construction of short-lived facilities requiring near-term replacement and reducing overall costs to the City and the development community alike.

Other functions include:

  • Engineering Records Repository
  • Utility Atlases
  • Payback Agreements
  • CADD support
  • Flood Control

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact City Engineering.