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         Construction Standard Detail Drawing Update

The City of Yuma (City) is currently in the process of updating its Construction Standard Detail Drawings and would like to inform the Public of the opportunity to provide feedback on the revised drawings. The last update was in 2009. 

These Construction Standard Detail Drawings are for Public Works construction within the City and they include construction of improvements that will be owned and/or maintained by the City, included but not limited to Capital Improvement Projects and Subdivisions.  These improvements may be located on City-owned property, public rights-of-way or easements dedicated to the City.

The public review period will commence on January 14, 2019 and will end on February 4, 2019. Public comments will be addressed at a Public Meeting (Date to be Determined).  Full implementation is expected in April 2019. 


  Design and Construction Standards


          CADD Standards


         Stormwater Documents


         Plans and Reference Documents


         Utility Atlases

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