Development Engineering

Development Engineering's primary function is to review and ensure appropriate design is provided for Yuma's infrastructure. It monitors development infrastructure extensions for the opportunity to co-sponsor enhanced facilities to benefit development and future city needs.

Encroachment Permits

If you believe you need access to or use of a portion of City property, including but not limited to: easements, rights-of-way, licenses, leased or fee land, real estate, etc., you should submit an encroachment permit application and traffic control plan cover sheet to the City of Yuma Engineering Department.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact City Engineering.

Development Fees

City of Yuma Development Fees offset costs associated with providing necessary public services to new development. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) 9-463.05 and Yuma City Code Chapter 157 describe the requirements that the City of Yuma must follow relating to development fees.

The City of Yuma has established two service areas. New construction or a change of use to a more intense use in the North Service Area requires review under five different categories of development fees: Parks and Recreational Facilities Development Fee, Fire Facilities Development Fee, Police Facilities Development Fee, General Government Facilities Development Fee, and Streets Facilities Development Fee. There are no City of Yuma Development Fees for the South Service Area.

The following documents concern City of Yuma Development Fees:

1) Adopted Yuma IIP & Draft Development Fees (2/27/2019)

2) Adopted Land Use Assumptions (2/27/2019)

3) Draft Infrastructure Improvements Plan & Development Fees (9/21/2018)

4) Draft Land Use Assumptions (3/14/18)

5) Land Use Assumptions adopted by Resolution R2011-42.

6) Infrastructure Improvements Plan (IIP) adopted by Resolution R2011-42 and revised by Resolution R2013-17.

7) Development Fees adopted by Ordinance O2012-06 with the Streets Facilities Development Fee                   revised    by Ordinance O2013-31.

8) Current City of Yuma Development Fees can be found in one page. Revised Fee Schedule.

9) City of Yuma Development Fee Annual report  FY2016-2017 (Revised 5/19)

       City of Yuma Development Fee Annual Report  FY2017-2018 (Revised 5/19)                                                              

10) City of Yuma Development Fee biennial audit. (August 8, 2017)

11) City of Yuma Development Fee biennial audit, (December 14, 2018)