Campaign Finance Filings

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Most recently established committees are listed first.

PC2019-05 Robert Scarborough for City Council

PC2019-04 Chris Morris for City Council

PC2019-01 Cesar Chavez Legacy PAC

PC2018-02 Fix Our Roads

PC2018-01 Avenue B Citizens Advisory Group

PC2017-07 Committee to Elect Gregory Counts 

PC2017-06 Elect Douglas Nicholls

PC2017-05 Committee to Elect Ken Rosevear

PC2017-04 Kristina for City Council

PC2017-01 Elect Gary Knight

PC2005-07 Arizona List PAC


Most recently terminated committees are listed first.

PC2019-03 Mike Shelton for Yuma City Council

PC2019-02 Jason Bradley for Yuma City Council

PC2017-02 Karen Watts for Yuma City Council

PC2017-08 Committee to Elect Leslie McClendon

PC2017-03 Elect Shelley Ostrowski

PC2016-02 Yes For Yuma Public Safety

PC2015-01 Committee to Elect Jacob Miller

PC2015-04 Committee to Elect Jenny Farmer-Umphress

PC2013-01 Elect Douglas Nicholls

PC2013-12 Operation Clean Sweep

PC2013-07 Elect Gary Knight

PC2016-01 Residents Against Saguaro Apartments

PC2007-03 Committee to Elect Cody Beeson

PC2012-01 Recall Them All 2012