Risk Management

Risk Management works with City of Yuma departments to coordinate the identification, assessment and management of City liability, safety and insurance matters. Risk Management also works in conjunction with City departments to protect financial and physical assets, such as City streets, City buildings and City equipment/vehicles.

Commonly Asked Questions

If I have suffered property damage or injury and believe the City is responsible, how do I file a claim against the City?

For information regarding filing a claim against the City of Yuma, please call Risk Management at (928) 373-5095 or visit the City's Clerk's Office located at One City Plaza, Yuma, AZ. Please understand City employees cannot provide advice, legal assistance or recommendations regarding your claim against the City of Yuma.

If I have caused damage to City property, what do I do?

If appropriate, please file a report with the Yuma Police Department. Then contact Risk Management to obtain more information on the repair or replacement costs and make arrangements for reimbursement.

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