Prosecutor's Office

The City Prosecutor's Office (Criminal Division) is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor crimes, civil traffic offenses and city code violations that occur in the City of Yuma.

Felony criminal cases and any misdemeanor or civil traffic offense that occurs in the county (outside of the City of Yuma) are prosecuted by the Yuma County Attorney's Office.

Pre-Arraignment Negotiations

An arraignment is a defendant's first appearance before the court to plead guilty or not guilty. Persons charged with misdemeanor criminal offenses and/or Yuma City Code violations, for which that person does not have an attorney, may ask for an immediate conference with the Yuma City Prosecutor prior to being arraigned. The purpose for the conference is to discuss the potential for plea agreements. Although settlement at time of the arraignment often occurs, each case is different and some cases cannot be resolved without further court action.